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January 03, 2019

Space Patrol -- The Fantastic Adventures of the Spaceship Orion

German sci-fi TV show, from 1966! 7 episodes available on Youtube.

Posted by Snaggy at 10:07 AM

December 19, 2018

Strangeflavour's hilarious new free game...

Face Candy is the latest game by our friends at Strange Flavour, the award winning developers of Flick Fishing and AiRburst. Face Candy uses the unique Face Mapping feature of ARKit (for users of iOS 12 and an iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max or new iPad Pro 11") to let you control the game with your face!

Check it out!

Posted by Snaggy at 10:09 AM

December 17, 2018

Time Crystals!

Posted by Snaggy at 10:41 AM

December 13, 2018

Like to skip stones?

Posted by Snaggy at 10:08 AM

December 12, 2018

Killer whale grandmothers rock!

via Craig!

Posted by Snaggy at 12:11 PM

December 01, 2018

Sarlacc Pit discovered in BC!

A massive pit that was spotted in a remote high alpine valley in British Columbia's Wells Gray Provincial Park earlier this year is the entrance to a previously unexplored cave of "national significance", say explorers. The pit was spotted in April during a routine aerial caribou survey, and that Bevan Ernst, a regional caribou biologist with the ministry, called it 'Sarlaac Pit'! :-D

Read more about this amazing discovery over on Canadian Geographic.

Posted by Snaggy at 10:23 AM

November 26, 2018

Millennium Falcon: Owner's Workshop Manual review and giveaway!

Looking for the ultimate gift for a Star Wars fans? Look no more! Introducing the Millennium Falcon: Owner's Workshop Manual!

Piloted by Han Solo and his trusty Wookiee copilot Chewbacca, the Millennium Falcon is one of the most-loved spaceships ever imagined. It appears in the original Star Wars trilogy, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and Solo: A Star Wars Story. It even made a cameo in Revenge of the Sith! This Haynes Manual is based on the YT-1300 Corellian freighter, the best-known variant of which is the Millennium Falcon. And in case you don't know already, the geeks at Haynes Publishing have been creating the gold standard of workshop manuals since 1956, which was a long, long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away.

Continue reading " Millennium Falcon: Owner's Workshop Manual review and giveaway! "

Posted by Snaggy at 11:19 AM

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