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The Joy of Linux!Everything you ever wanted to know about Linux, but were afraid to ask! The culture, who's who, how did it all begin, and where the heck it is going. Thirteen chapters of Linux lov'in, written by Michael Hall and Brian Proffitt. A great read for those of you who are new to Linux, and for those of you already immersed in Linux. It's a "cultural history book, a field guide, and a love song."

From the back cover...
The Joy of Linux dares to pull back the curtain and reveal the fascinating cultures, communities, and controversies that comprise the history and evolution of Linux. From an embryonic operating system devised by an obscure Finnish programmer 10 years ago to a sophisticated, multi-flavor OS favored by some 10 million users worldwide, Linux has become the darling of Open Source advocates and commercial software developers alike for its elegant architecture and rock-steady reliability. It's a cool alternative to the Windows® and Macintosh® platforms—just as The Joy of Linux is a cool alternative to the more somber, manual-like books on the subject. However much you think you know about Linux, or if you know nothing at all about it, you'll discover that this book will fuel your passion for, heighten your pleasure with, and expand your knowledge of Linux! It's so good, you'll need a cigarette when you're done.
All this and forty four new cartoons from Nitrozac and Snaggy, including the dramatic three episode introduction of that luscious legendary defender of Software Liberty... the mighty Linux Lass!

Our first book, ...first edition, hardcover with a dust sleeve, and signed and inscripted by Nitrozac and Snaggy! Wow, we're talking collectable!

That's the Joy of Linux, first edition, hardcover with a dust sleeve, 350 pages, 44 brand new cartoons, and signed by Nitrozac and Snaggy, with optional inscription too! Only $29.95! But like I said, we are sold out!

You can always Buy it on Amazon.

Nitrozac says...We just had to share some of the great inscriptions that fans are asking us write for them...
  • To Richard, ... may you always boot up!
  • Buying this book does not guarantee that you are a Geek, but it is very compelling evidence of such.
  • In a perfect world, pop and chips are free, and we all boot Linux.
  • I made Linux sexy, but I doubt I can do the same for you. ;-) Love Nitrozac
  • I'd like a little sketch of the Linus Torvalds blow-up doll!
  • From one TTB to another, may you achieve your heart's compile...
  • Keep on geek'in and Linux freak'in!
  • For a good time, ping
  • From Nitrozac to a devote Mac user. This is one book you can read for the pictures!
  • To Randy, something for you to read when you're not at the computer. 8)
  • I would like to submit an inscription entry on behalf of Michael and myself: "To Brian and Mike: Thanks for writing the filler around our 44 new cartoons!" :) - Brian Proffitt

About The Joy of Linux
The Joy of Linux uncovers the "whys" of Linux. The fact is, there's a core to Linux that transcends a list of things you can type to get other things to happen. There's something to it that goes beyond "faster" and "better". People loved it before it was either. The Joy of Linux helps to clarify that love. This book will answer many questions. Why all the excitement? Where did all of the Linux users come from? What sort of community has room for a guy dressed like Obi Wan Kenobi and a blue-suited IBM old-timer?

The Joy of Linux is also about making Linux work better. Some of the creative tools available to Linux users are almost inevitable because of the nature of the Linux community. You will learn about them and a little about how to use them. People who are living the Linux life will want to read it for a glimpse of themselves. People who want to live the Linux life will read it to understand the attraction. And the bystanders will read it because it's got some funny bits and might help explain why the guy in the server room is coming to work with black rings under his eyes.

From the Prima Publishing Press Release...
For those living the Linux life, those who want to live the Linux life, and even bystanders, The Joy of Linux answers the "why’s" of Linux and provides insight into communities vital to Linux. With chapters such as " The Penguin on Top," "The Joy of Toys," and "The Linux Sutra: Resources," and forty four new cartoons by Nitrozac and Snaggy, readers will be entertained and treated to useful information. In brief, The Joy of Linux is a cultural history book, a field guide, and a love song.

"Linux is, ultimately, all about putting control in the hands of the user," write authors Brian Proffitt and Michael Hall. "The true driving force seems to be the chance to make something really special with our hands and minds. In the old days, we’d be the ones whittling or writing in a journal. Today, we play with computers."

Proffitt, a professional author and computer consultant whose works include Install, Configure, and Customize Corel Linux; Sun StarOffice 5.1 for Linux; and Install, Configure, and Customize Red Hat Linux for Prima Tech, has developed more than 50 computer books and provided technical editing for dozens more. Hall was bit hard by the UNIX bug before discovering Linux. He divides his time between writing for Linux Today, playing with Linux, "sneaking Linux onto laptops where it doesn’t belong, and maintaining a really mauve database." Illustrators Nitrozac and Snaggy are the creators of GeekCulture.com, a high-tech humor website and online community for geeks and geek wannabes. GeekCulture.com is also the home of their hilarious daily webcomic The Joy of Tech, and the remarkable cartoon epic After Y2K.

The Joy of Linux



Part One: Do You Know Who Your Millions Of Partners Are?

Chapter 1: The Penguin on Top
Chapter 2: Are You Experienced?
Chapter 3: I Don't Do Windows
Chapter 4: Kissing Cousins, Lovers' Quarrels
Chapter 5: Chix Who Don't Fake It

Part Two: Doin' It

Chapter 6: I'm Clean! I Swear!
Chapter 7: Switch Hitters
Chapter 8: The Joy Of Toys
Chapter 9: You Want to Put That Where?
Chapter 10: Messing around: The Penguin Plays Games
Chapter 11: Loud and Graphic
Chapter 12: Breaking up Is Hard to Do
Chapter 13: The Linux Sutra: Resources

Appendix: Gnu General Public License

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