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Sorry folks... we are SOLD OUT!
Looking for an absolutely gorgeous pouch to keep your iPod in? Look no further... introducing the PodderPouch!

Hip, sexy, elegant, funky!
Nitrozac was searching for a fashionably fun and unique way to carry her iPod, but just couldn't find anything that appealed to her... so she decided to design her own!

She created these PodderPouches, and you and your friends are going to LOVE them, ... and so will your iPod! Hand-made with love and the finest materials, these adorable pouches are going to steal your heart!

Besides looking absolutely gorgeous, these soft and sexy head-turners protect your iPod from the daily bumps and grinds, keeping your iPod safe, and looking brand new. Just sliding your iPod in and out of these soft pouches will give it a polish! And when you're not listening to your iPod, there's room in the PodderPouch to store your earbuds... now that's a handy idea!

Options Options Options!
The shoulder strap is a great feature of the PodderPouch. Wear it off of one shoulder or across your chest. Let it hang by your side, or stick your PodderPouch in your pocket! Perfect for dancing at the club, or just 'podding around! What's really cool is that you can remove the shoulder strap and switch it out for a shorter wrist strap drawstring, great for a glizy night out on the town. Or leave off the straps altogether and just use the button closure! It's a great way to keep your iPod and earbuds safely nestled in your purse or knapsack. So you really have a ton of options with these pouches!

For iPods, iPod nano, iPod Minis, iPod Shuffle, and more!
Our PodderPouches were designed specifically with the iPod, iPod nano, and iPod Mini in mind, but are also the perfect match for your other devices like cellphones, or small cameras, or even as a little personal pouch on its own!

PodderPouches are only $24.95! That's right folks, an adorable and gorgeous PodderPouch, hand-made with love from up here in Canada, for only $24.95!

Style Guide and Gallery (click on links to view pouches)
Sparkly White: A gorgeous ice-white pouch with dazzling sparkles and a lovely jewel-like button! Sexy and stylin'!
Sparkly Pink: Bedazzle your friends with the Power of Pink! Jewel-like button completes the shimmering Paris Hilton look!
Sparkly Black: Like an ocean of stars, this elegant black beauty will sparkle up your day or night. Features a gem-like black button!
Classic Black: A simple, more masculine look, in that classic black you know and love. A great pouch to keep your precious iPod unnoticed in a stealth-like way, ... it won't be drawing attention to itself.
Hacker Sack! Our classic black pouch with an awesome leather skull sewn on the front, for only an extra $4.00. Ooooo that's cool!
Soft Grey: An insanely soft pouch with a funky button closure... this one is adorable... you won't want to take your hands off of it!
Soft Black: A soft and snugly thick black pouch with a rather distinguished-looking leatherette button!
Two models to choose from, PodderPouch regular or PodderPouch Mini/nano. Both designed for their respective iPod models, with room for your earbuds too! Only $24.95!

The perfect couple!

Hacker Hip!

PodderPouch Features
  • Removable shoulder strap.
  • Removable wrist strap.
  • Button closure.
  • Room for your earbuds.
  • Protects your ipod.
  • Hands-free podd'in around!
  • Strong and stylin', soft and sexy!

PodderPouch FAQ

Why a PodderPouch over a sock or sleeve product?
It's simple really.. style and function. Our pouch is better than a plain old sock or sleeve product since it has the removable shoulder strap, removable wriststrap drawstring, and a button closure. Your iPod is not going to slip out of your sock accidently, and with the shoulder strap, you're not going to leave it behind anywhere or have it fall out of your pocket anytime. Recently we heard of someone who put their iPod down somewhere for second, then it was gone! Ouch! That isn't going to happen if you're wearing your PodderPouch. No clumsy, bulky leather cases to deal with either, or annoying belt clips to break or pop off! And PodderPouches look amazing! You won't be stuffing it in a drawer, you'll be showing it off!

How much protection does a PodderPouch give?
PodderPouches will protect your iPod from the daily bumps and grinds it may receive and they are also perfect for protecting it from the contents of your pockets, purse, or knapsack. The glitter PodderPouch Minis are made with a more delicate gauge of thread, so if you're looking for the most protective cushion for your iPod Mini or nano, select the soft grey or soft black styles, ... they are like a soft and cosy quilt for your 'pod!

Sorry folks... we are SOLD OUT!
PodderPouch Mini/nano colors and Gallery! (click on links to view mini pouches)
Minis are also available in these regular PodderPouch styles...

Hacker Sack Mini/nano
Two models to choose from, our PodderPouch regular or our PodderPouch Mini/nano. Both designed for their respective iPod models, with room for your earbuds too! Only 24.95!

Guys, behold the ultimate chick magnet! They make an insanely great gift for the geekette in your life! Girls, your guy will love the Hacker Sack skull version!

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