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After Y2Kemail Nitrozac! Help Dawn come up with a new look for the Geek! You can print out these jpegs, and try out the different looks. If you want better print outs, here's links to some 150 dpi versions:
Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3.

Part One

Part two

Part 3

Click here for the Shockwave version!
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Don't forget, the comic continues in the Quickpoll ...so for more laughs, view the QuickPoll!
The QuickPoll
Which look should Dawn give the Geek?
  • Return him to his previous state.
  • Leave him looking like an Ewok.
  • Bald is sexy.
  • The longer hair and goatee works for me.
  • As long as he wears black, that's cool.
  • Let Dawn decide, for beauty is skin deep.

View the Results

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Jon "maddog" Hall is Executive Director of Linux International and an extremely popular Linux evangelist. He has been instrumental in popularizing Linux since its inception, and according to several sources, likes drinking beer. :-)

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