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What's your favorite part of Barbie, Dotcom Rescue?
The game where you work your employees to death, ... warning, some scenes may be too familiar. 34 6%
The part where you make the CEO explain the losses to the shareholders, ... huh? You mean we're supposed to make a profit? 145 28%
The part where Jeff Bezos gives me a medal, ... it was almost as good as the Slashdotting Ceremony! 21 4%
The part where the Media turns a boom into a bust, ... they love those riches-to-rags stories. 46 9%
Watching Barbie give her little pep talks, ... is that why you're suddenly super turned on? 131 25%
My cameo. I play myself, ... was that you? I was sure it was William Shatner! 77 15%
I viewed the results... no one can look away from a crash. 57 11%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and naming your own price.

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