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Make your own Eggheads! Check out our tutorial...
it's an egg-ceptional way to spend Easter!

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The JoyPoll was...

What's your favorite Easter thing?

  • Easter Eggs.
  • Chocolate bunnies.
  • Chicks!
  • The day off work.
  • Those giant stone monolithic heads.
  • I prefer the Wester holidays.
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Make your own Eggheads! Check out our tutorial... it's an egg-ceptional way to spend Easter!

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snupy has great news and an Inspiration , ... Oz, the Wizard of, has a Concern about Friendship, ... Manic Kodama wonders who is your favorite Muppet, ... Lex is in awe over Japanese Golden Turds , ... spungo rants This whole Ali Ismail thing pisses me off! , ... Slurpy digs Death Race 2000 , ... and Jessycat just pinged herself!!!

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