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The Joy of Tech reaches 1000. As a result, you get some free stuff!

Wow, we've reached our 1000th Joy of Tech comic! And we couldn't have done it without the support and loyalty of our fans. So what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway! And what a giveaway it is... it's our biggest ever, with over 66 winners! Check out all of these AWESOME prizes from super awesome folks like Woz, David Pogue, RadTech, SendStation, Freeverse, and Google!

Pogue books!
Our pal Steve Wozniak has graciously donated a copy of his autobiography iWoz, ... and yes, it's signed by Woz himself!
Our fave tech reporter, author, and all round neat-o geek David Pogue is also in on this giveaway! He's offering your choice of a signed David Pogue book... either his newest: iPhone, the Missing Manual, or his rare, hard to find, and most excellent techno-thriller novel... Hard Drive!

RadTech rocks!Our friends at RadTech have very generously donated an incredible collection of amazing RadTech goodies, including.... a Drivemate Data Storage Module 2GB, a BT500 Bluetooth Rechargeable 3-button mouse, a STM Large Loop Backpack in Gray / Black, and a I-Sight Personal Illuminator (white beam). Nice!

Sendstation! And it gets even better! SendStation, those makers of quality iPod products, have very generously donated an incredible combo... Fifty lucky people will win a bundle of an earBuddy (the ultimate carrying case for your iPod earbuds), and a PocketDock Combo (Firewire and USB adapter for your iPod.) Whoa!
PocketDock Combo PocketDock Combo in action
earBuddy on your left, and above, two views of a PocketDock Combo!

Freeverse!SoundStudio 3!There's more! The awesome geeks at Freeverse are adding to the goodie bag too! They are giving away two copies of Sound Studio 3, their fantastic sound-editing software! In addition, they're are also giving away several of their great games, including the insanely great AirBurst Extreme (two copies!), Big Bang Brain Games (two copies!), Heroes of Might and Magic (two copies!), ToySight Gold (yay!), and Wingnuts 2! Plus, for any Xbox 360 users, our fave Mac developer and SuperFan zwilnik from Strange Flavour will add a couple of Spyglass Board Games codes (and maybe Marathon codes too!) Sweet!

GoogleAnd... lastly, just an update, our friends at Google were searching, searching, searching to find some goodies for us... but they have failed. It seems the Swag Bureaucracy at Google is too mighty to overcome. That's really too bad, a lot of our fans were really looking forward to the Google goodies we were told we would get. :-(

How do you enter?

The contest is now closed.. here are the winners!
To the winners, congrats! I'll be contacting you via email to send you codes or get your shipping addresses, please be patient as I organize all this.
To those who didn't win this time... stay tuned for another giveaway soon!

skylar ... RadTech backpack!
Oldmuzz... iWoz!
jonro... RadTech I-Sight
graphics guy ... Radtech harddrive!
Ben the Man... Soundstudio 3
Peebs! Soundstudio 3
joelp SendStation bundle
pheniX42 RadTech bluetooth mouse!
ashitika: Spyglass board games + marathon code
hubman SendStation bundle
MacFevre Airburst Extreme
Bibo: Hard Drive
footsie: Big Bang Brain Games
trekie SendStation bundle
agerstein SendStation bundle
carsly SendStation bundle
macmankev SendStation bundle
fededambri SendStation bundle
bbj712 SendStation bundle
technogal Spyglass Board games and marathon code
TRRosen Heroes of Might and Magic
t3h AirBurst Extreme
bclingan Sendstation bundle
michael davies Sendstation bundle
mklprc Sendstation bundle
Darren Duncan Heroes of Might and Magic
jidabug SendStation bundle
XTCinOvaltine SendStation bundle
Ryan Gasik SendStation bundle
inknoise ToySight Gold
The Silicon Emperor SendStation bundle
webmacster87 SendStation bundle
ken anderson Big Bang Brain Games
dewey1973 SendStation bundle
mangledpup Wingnuts 2
earthsaver SendStation bundle
eric desfones SendStation bundle
heliomac SendStation bundle
bigjoe SendStation bundle
LuisRaa SendStation bundle
sunny_man SendStation bundle
kiezpro SendStation bundle
words4nerds SendStation bundle
The Famous Druid SendStation bundle
wackybit SendStation bundle
Stereo SendStation bundle
deBaer SendStation bundle
RScottV SendStation bundle
JamesGekko SendStation bundle
mvjs SendStation bundle
PengLord SendStation bundle
Irishboke SendStation bundle
EngrBohn SendStation bundle
jwthomp SendStation bundle
tira me a las ahanas SendStation bundle
Stevenback7 SendStation bundle
bubcat SendStation bundle
angryjungman SendStation bundle
sosumi SendStation bundle
CommanderShroom SendStation bundle
GMx SendStation bundle
jano SendStation bundle
gregm SendStation bundle
erbo SendStation bundle
wodka SendStation bundle
redcloud SendStation bundle
postwardreamer SendStation bundle
macFreek SendStation bundle

This is how people entered....
Easy! All you have to do is post a reply to this Forum thread, and you're in on the giveaway. Now to reward our long-time Forum members we thought we do the giveaway as such... new Forum members will get a chance to win, but Forum members who joined before August 24th 2007 will have twice as much chance to win. And, if you are a SuperFan, you can enter again in the SuperFan Forum and you get four times the odds to win! We'll randomly draw names from the people who post, and they will be our lucky winners! Giveaway ends on Sunday September 2nd at 8 PM Pacific. One entry, per person, per thread only please, or you will be disqualified.

Note: In your Forum post, please name the prizes you'd like to win, if you are in fact chosen. First choice, second choice, third choice, etc. The first few winners selected will have their choice of prizes!

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Hey, if you don't win, consol yourself with one of our cool t-shirts...

or one of our great beanies...

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