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12 days of X mas!The Joy of Tech's "Twelve Days of X-Mas Contest!"

"On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, A partridge in a pear tree."

OK, the sentiment is nice, but actually getting a partridge in a pear tree for Christmas would be a bit of a let down, don't you think? Wouldn't you rather find an iPod or an iBook under that tree? Or perhaps a G5 tower, or a drawer full of iPod socks? Hmmm... maybe not.

So being the Mac geeks that we are, we asked you to come up with some new lyrics to this old song, ones that reflect the techie toys that you really want! Here's what was up for grabs...

Great prizes from No Starch Press including the incredible Cult of Mac book, the amazing Apple Confidential 2.0, ... and of course our fantabulous Joy of Tech book! Our friends at Griffin have also added two iBeams to the prize pot, and we're also giving away a gorgeous Happy Computer cap, and your choice of one of our awesome beanies or caps!

Griffin is giving two iBeams, the cool laser pointer and flashlight for your iPod or iPod mini!

Your choice of any one of our great caps or beanies, including our new iProp!

And here are the winners!
We had a ton of great entries, and was really hard deciding a winner. The things we looked for were creativity, and how well the song "sung", meaning how well the new lyrics matched the old tune.

Here's our Top Three, presented as the final chorus to save the sanity of all.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Twelve Mac-geeks swooning...
Eleven G5's booting...
Ten disks ejecting...
Nine iBooks opening...
Eight web sites loading...
Seven icons bouncing...
Six shareware programs
Five-thousand songs...
Four pairs of headphones...
Three iPod Socks,
Two engraved iPods,
And a "Joy of Tech" propeller beanie...

- Stephen Montagna

We liked Stephen's entry for its visual imagery, the icons bouncing and web sites loading, as well as his well-placed suck up to the judges. :-)

7h3 12 d4yz 0f X-M45
8y J05#u^ P3c#73r
("The Twelve Days of Christmas" l33t 5p34k style by Joshua Pechter)

0n +h3 7w3|f7h d@y 0f ¢#ri57m@5, my h4x0r sent to me,
12 g4m3rz pwn3!ng…
11 w@r3z 1n57411!ng…
10 53rv3rz 4-pr0><y!ng…
9 +0rr3n75 d0wn104d!ng…
8 r0mz @-3mu147!ng …
7 l4m3rz ^-b10gg!ng…
6 g33k5 4-cr4ck3!ng…
5 p1r@+3d 4ppz…
4 W!nd0wz 5p1()!tz…
3 DoS 4774ckz
2 pr0n p455w0rd2
and a n00b 2 ph34r meh

Ph1r57 1337 p@r0dy… w00t!

The Twelve Days of Xmas - Mac Geek Style
By Jeff Marlow

On the twelfth day of Xmas my true love gave to me
Twelve iProp Beanies,
Eleven iMac G5s,
Ten Wireless Keyboards,
Nine iTunes Gift Cards,
Eight iPod photos,
Seven Flawless Updates,
Six iPod Socks,
FIVE Power Macs!
Four PowerBooks,
Three Xserves,
Two Xserve RAIDs,
And a chat with Steve on iChat AV!

Merry Xmas! :D

Other winners...

Carson Hele impressed us with this tribute to Apple history...

On the twelfth day of X-Mas, my true love sent to me,
Twelve iPod Photos,
Eleven G5 iMacs,
Ten Bondi Blues,
Nine “Wall Streets,”
Eight eMates,
Seven Network Servers,
Six broken Newtons,
Five Mac TVs,
Four PowerBooks,
Three Color Classics,
Two Beige Quadras,
And an Apple IIe

…and all of em’ lot (except iPod, and Newton) runnin’ OS X…

rueyeet hit home with this rendition...

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me:
Twelve Apple rumors,
Eleven different distros,
Ten Linux boxen,
Nine AirPorts Expressin',
Eight iPods chargin',
Seven RAMs upgradin',
Six Tigers runnin',
Fiiiiive iPod socks!
Four Cinema Displays,
Three AlBook sizes,
Two D-P G5s,
And a Christmas that's Microsoft-free.

Really, what more could you ask for? ;)

Brian Shumate wrote...
On the twelfth day of XMas, my true love sent to me,
twelve clients paying,
eleven T1s bonded,
ten geeks a-coding,
nine iSights seeing,
eight nodes a-clustering,
seven shells a-scripting,
six games a-playing
Five iLife apps!
Four hacking nerds
three G5s
two Xserv RAIDs
... and a snapshot from my favorite source tree!

Very geeky Brian, and we loved the "twelve clients paying" line.

Our final prize goes to Scott Klienberg, who wrote...

On the Twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Twelve Powerbooks wowing
Eleven keys for Quicktime
Ten cinema displays glowing
Nine iPods a rockin
Eight Airports connecting
Seven X-serves spinning
Six iMacs a blazing
Five Apple Store gift cards
Four ibooks
Three Smiling Macs
Two iSights
And Mr. Steve Jobs in an Apple tree.

Honorable mentions!

Tony Thomas sent in this JoT influenced one!

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

12 tins of Altoids,
11 geek books,
10 blank DVDs,
9 seasons of the X-Files,
8 pack of AAs,
7 assorted prop beanies,
6 Edith Prickly shirts,
5 gold-i-Pod-min-is,
4 White Stripes CDs,
3 Klingon turkeys,
2 twins in knee socks,
Andy Ihnatko's out of his tree.

David Smith sent in this one...

On the twelth day of Xmas my true love gave to me
Twelve cool new
Eleven Powerbooks
Ten boards for typing
Nine Cybershots
Eight Epson Printers
Seven 'pods, just brimming
Six discs a playin'
Five LCDs
Four kickin' subs
Three logo pens
Two free iTunes
and a G5 with built-in TV!

Martin T sent in...

On the Twelveth Day of Mac-Mas, my True Love gave to me:

Twelve MacAddict issues...
Eleven Missing Manuals...
Ten Techs a-helping...
Nine Killer Websites...
Seven SuperDrives...
Six tons of software...

F I V E  iPod Minis...

Four PowerBooks...
Three GMail Invites...
Two iMac G5's...

   ...and an XServe under the tree!

* a.k.a.  "802.11g" (Right?)

Joshua Hatch sent in:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Twelve iDVDs
Eleven Xserve RAIDs,
Ten stocks a-soaring,
Nine AirTunes playing,
Eight Jobs a-spinning,
Seven iSights chatting,
Six iTunes songs,
Five .mac accounts.
Four PowerMacs,
Three iBooks,
Two iPod socks
And a loaded blue iPod mini.

Brad Weston contributed two songs... Classic and Contemporary!

Present 12 days of Macmas Song

12 Tiger's Roaring
11 Hundred XServes
10 Panthers Prancing
9 Rumored Cell Phones
8 Spotlight Demos
7 -teen inch PowerBook G5
6 Point Stock Increase
5 Apple PVRs
4 Million iPods
3 iChat Video Windows
2 bottled waters
1 Black Mock Turtleneck

Classic 12-days of Macmas Song

12 Flower Power iMacs
11 Pippins Piping
10 Balmer's Leaping
9 GeoPort Adapters
8 Copeland Keychains
7 SmartTalk Microphones
6 Newtons-a-throwing
5 Hockey Puck Mice
4 QuickTake Cameras
3 Mac Aquariums
2 Used SIMM earings
1 Flaming Powerbook Battery

and The Famous Druid posted this great entry...
On the 12th day of down-time, my sys-op gave to me ...

12 drives a humming
11 iPods playing
10 watches beeping
9 flat-screens blinking
8 T-shirts glowing
7 propellors spinning
6 geeks a playing
5 T-T-Bs !
4 passwords
3 laser pens
2 cyber gloves
and a cartridge for my H.P. !

We want to thank everyone who entered, and No Starch Press and Griffin for providing some great prizes!

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