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Dirty Blonde!The Joy of Tech's 900th episode giveaway!!!

We've racked up 900 episodes of the Joy of Tech, so we thought, heck, that's a good enough reason to have another giveaway!

And it's a MONSTER of a giveaway! That's right, we're giving away the hottest toy of the season... the RoboReptile! WHOA!

Plus, continuing with the monster theme, we're also giving away two Godzilla DVDS! Mothra Vs. Godzilla and Godzilla Raids Again!! Each of these are available EXCLUSIVELY on Godzillaondvdstore.com or you can win them here! And we're not done yet... we're also giving away a copy of Pirates of The Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest! Arrrr Matie! What a giveaway!


Rednivek! Wins the RoboReptle!

RickmacMerc! Wins the Godzilla DVDs!

staplin! wins the Pirates of The Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest DVD

Congrats folks!

How can you get a chance to win this fascinating monster freebee? Easy! All you have to do is post a reply to this Forum thread, and you're in on the giveaway. And, if you are a SuperFan, you can enter again in the SuperFan Forum and get double the chance to win! We'll randomly draw names from the people who post, and they will be our lucky winners! Giveaway ends on Tuesday December 12th at 10PM Pacific. One entry per person per thread please!

The book, Dirty Blonde!
Wicked! it's a green chromashift RoboReptile!

The amazing Chromashift RobotReptile Features:
• Biomorphic motions and advanced natural dynamics enable Roboreptile to move in two emotionally aggressive gaits and two different speeds
• Amazing, exclusive, color-shifting paint job appears to change color as the light source and viewing angle vary
• Stalks on four legs; runs on two legs
• Whips his tail, snaps and moves its head
• Has the ability to run and jump on its two hind legs
• Can sense being approached from behind and responds by running away
• Three moods: Hungry/Aggressive; Satisfied/Lethargic; Subdued
• Four modes including: Remote Control, Autonomous, Guard, Sleep
• Stereo sound sensors, infrared vision sensors, laser 'pickling' sensor and touch sensor make him aware of the surrounding environment

With 40 different pre-programmed functions and the ability to program your own tricks and movements into its memory, you'll never know how this fickle beast will react. Safety warning: This product contains small parts that may present a choking hazard for young child, or geeks who just can't resist trying to eat RoboReptile!
The book, Dirty Blonde!

RUN and enter!

Godzilla Raids Again
This sequel to the original and hugely successful Godzilla was rushed to the theaters six months after the release of the first film.  Two new monsters emerged:  the first similar to the original Godzilla that was killed by the oxygen destroyer in the first film, and also named Godzilla, the second a spiny dinosaur called Anguirus.  The massive battle begins on Iwato Island, tumbles into the ocean, and resurfaces on Osaka, threatening to level the city under the monsters’ rage.
Mothra vs. Godzilla aka Godzilla vs. The Thing
Originally released in the US as Godzilla vs. The Thing, this fourth installment in the Godzilla series is considered by many fans as one of the best of the series.  When a giant egg washes up on the shores of Tokyo after a typhoon, greedy businessmen seize the opportunity to exhibit the item at an amusement park for profit.  The shobijin, fairies from Infant Island, come to plea for the egg’s return to its rightful owner, Mothra, but the men refuse the request.  Soon Godzilla awakens and begins a trek across Tokyo, heading straight for Mothra’s egg.  Can Mothra save her offspring from the destruction of Godzilla?  Can Tokyo survive this epic monster battle?

Wow, what a giveaway!

Hey, if you don't win, consol yourself with one of our cool t-shirts...

or one of our great beanies...

or a signed and inscripted Joy of Tech Book!


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