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Get saucy!The Joy of Tech's Caption Contest!

It's time for a caption contest and thanks to the generosity of our friends at Garlic Head BBQ Sauce, we are giving away some terrific goodness! Garlic Head sauce is sweet, tangy, garlicky, rich and addictive stuff, and we know you're going to love it! And now there's a spicy version too! Yum!

We're also tossing our hat into the prize ring... yep, some lucky winner will get their choice of an amazing TWiT cap or beanie or any one our fantastic Geek Culture headwares!

So, how can you win? Easy! All you have to do is come up with a caption, tag line, speech or thought balloon text, or any combination of those to add to this comic! Jot your idea down as clearly as possible and email it to us, or if you are talented at adding text to a graphic, send us a mockup of your idea.

Contest is now closed... Check out the winners here!

Winners will be selected by Nitrozac and Snaggy. Ideas that are identical or very similar will be judged on a first-come, first-submitted basis. Everyone is eligible to enter, including SuperFans, anyone who has ever stood in line to get into an Apple store, all Apple employees, former Apple employees, including former Apple CEOs and former Apple CEOs re-hired by Apple, professional and non-professional cartoonists, anyone affiliated with NASA, anyone currently running Windows but wishes they weren't, members of the Media, people without blogs, the creator of the Apple I, the guy who proposed to Uschi Lang, Kevin Bacon and James Wood, Arthur C. Clarke, people currently wearing socks, and as always, Walt Mossberg. All ideas submitted become the sole property of Geek Culture, so no whining when we win a Pulitzer based on your idea. We will invite you to the post-Pulitzer party though. :D

Oh, it goes without saying that you won't be spammed or anything by entering this contest. Only the winners will be contacted via their email address. Contest closes Thursday May 25th, at noon Pacific time, with winners being announced on Friday May 26th.

Here's what is up for grabs...

Some amazing prizes from our friends at Garlic Head... including...

A Garlic Head embroidered cap!
Delicious Garlic Head sauce!
2 prizes of Two packs sent anywhere in the world.
2 prizes of Four Packs: One in Canada and One in USA.
WHOA! 1 prize of one case of 12 Jars - USA or Canada only.
Winners may choose any combination of original or the new spicy!

A TWiT beanie or TWiT cap!
or your choice of any one of our great headwear!

OK then... put on your thinking cap and enter!!

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