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Nitrozac and Snaggy on David Pogue's Macworld Live!

We had an absolute blast while appearing at Macworld 2006. David Pogue is a fantastic talk show host, and he really made the whole experience such a pleasure. We had pretty much a packed house, I'd guestimate around 400-500 people were there to watch the show. It was also fabulous to meet the other guests Leo Laporte, Guy Kawasaki, and Phil Bates, and it was neat to be backstage in "the green room" watching the show and waiting for our cues to head onstage.

You can catch an audio recording of the whole show at Macworld.com. It's divided into two 45-minute chunks, we are introduced in the first segment at around 15:00, where we proceed to take an audience member's picture and start to draw him into the comic, then we return on the second half of the show (after Leo Laporte) to reveal the finished comic (starting at around 14:50).

Here's some pictures of the show, courtesy of Colin Smith, who runs PhotoshopCAFE.com. Thanks Colin!

Setting up before the show...

The insanely great David Pogue!

Harold the audience member was a great sport, and a terrific model!

Leo Laporte was there too, wearing a Nitrozac-created Leo Laporte button!

Snaggy watches as Nitrozac reveals the comic!

The comic, as projected on the giant screens for the crowd.

The crowd suggested several hilarious taglines... including...

  • Should have gone to WindowsWorld!
  • When did I lose cruise control of this show?
  • Best keynote EVER!
  • How to be a talk show host... the Missing Manual!

You can see the finished comic here!

Oh, and there's one more thing... we also presented David with an insanely great prototype FIVE-propeller propeller beanie!

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