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MacHeads!MacHEADS the Movie giveaway!

Time for another great giveaway! And this time we are giving away MACHEADS!

Yep, at last, the Mac cult documentary is available on a 2 - Disc Special Edition DVD from the filmmakers website!

The DVD features over 2 hours of bonus material including: Steve Jobs discussion; Apple co-founder Steve Woz presents his book iWoz; Early Macintosh vintage clips and archives; The Newton; The first color Macs; MUGs history and contribution to Apple’s success; Is there a MacHEADS superiority complex? The iPhone launch controvery, I love my Mac music video; Theatrical trailers; 4 blazing still galleries; two award wining shorts by Chimp 65 productions; interactive menus and subtitles in English. Whoa, that's enough to fill your Machead for a while!

* * * * (Four Apples)
“Overall, MacHEADS is a great and fun documentary that any Apple fanboy or girl will enjoy. If you’ve ever watched a keynote, attended a Macworld or stood in line to buy something with an Apple logo on it then you’ll have a lot of fun with this documentary.”

And spot the Joy of Tech comics brough to life in MacHEADS the Movie!

GIVEAWAY IS OVER... toobe won! Congrats toobe!

Here's what was up for grabs...

Don't think you are going to win?
Consol yourself with one of our SUPER beanies or caps!

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