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Virtual Book Signing at MacCenter!

We used our Virtual Book Signing technique to make an appearance in South Florida, without leaving our home in British Columbia, Canada! We did it via iChatAV, which allowed us to talk and interact with the fans in Florida, and even to send them a digital signatures for their Best of the Joy of Tech books.

Cool! It was so much fun to be able to meet and talk with fans.
Here we are talking with Brian!

iChat AV does a fantastic job. It's almost like being in the same room with people who are thousands of miles away. We met a Windows user, who said he was rapidly being converted to Mac-dom after seeing how well the teleconferencing was working, and how easy it was to set up!

Kudos to the "Wizards of Technology", Bill "Digital Bill" Douthett and Marc "MisterMarc" Asturias, who presided over the Meet and Geek event and did so much work setting this up. They did a fantastic job and it went off without a hitch or glitch!

If you are interested in having us appear via iChatAV at your user group meeting, event, or bookstore, we'd love to! Just give us an email.

Julio was first in line to get his book signed!

In order to sign the books, we signed a high-rez digital file. This is great because we can customize each one for the particular person, and they can watch as we sign it for them.
We then transfer the file to the event via iChatAV. There DigitalBill printed them up on label paper and then the fans could stick them in their books!

We had a hoot talking with Gabi, who is a really cool Techno-Talking Teen!

MacCenter's Mighty CEO Michael joins us for a laugh! Thanks for having us as guests!

We also talked with Mike, who uses teleconferencing to work with a company way up here in Vancouver!

Mike also runs MacMegasite!

Wil Wheaton was also a virtual guest!

There's more photos over at MacCenter's Meet and Geek Moblog at Textamerica.com.

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