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Six Degrees!

The following is about an unnamed TTB making the switch from Win98 to Linux.
Composed at the 11th hour by ARJ.

To the tune of "Man in the Long Black Coat"
with apologies to Bob Dylan

Verse 1
The CPU's humming, the screensaver's on
Connection is good, but she won't log on

She's tired of rebooting, blue screen of death
CTRL-ALT-DEL, cursing under her breath

Not a word of goodbye, out of town she rode
She's gone with the man with the long clean code

Verse 2
Some say he's a god, can code like a pro
His name is Linus and he's famous now you know

His kernel is free, no doubt about that
No worry that this OS'll make your wallet flat

No more booting up in safety mode
She gave her hard drive to the man with the long clean code

There're bugs in every program some people say
It's true, sometimes you can see it that way

Programs don't live or die, programs just load
She gave her hard drive to the man with the long clean code

Verse 3
She wrote some new software, under the GPL
compiled & distributed it on Freshmeat as well

Threw out her books about VBA
She's a penguin babe now and she likes it that way

Not a word of goodbye, not a tear showed
She's gone with the man with the long clean code

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