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Six Degrees!

AfterY2k Dance!

HiI'm Bill Gates.Oops! I knew I should have taken my pants off first!    

Cha cha cha cha, cha!HEY!Cha cha cah cha, cha!HEY!How much longer do we have to do this?I dunno, but I'm getting a rash.

You have no idea how tiring this isI'm getting a crampUgg! Getting motion sickness from the heavy load on this web pageMust be a easyier way to do this...Maybe if I used my hands.

Boots, Boots!Walk on Roots!                       Step on my little brother's toy.and it toots.
Hi GodzillaHi SimonSimon:How many Godzilla's does it take to screw in a lightbuld?Godzilla:How long does a Teddy Bear last in a furnace?Simon:Right!

(Snaggy's note: I've added a Venture's midi, a guitar band that Bambi likes, Bambi was assimilated by GoGos, in a comic created by Nitrozac.)

<bgsound src="guitwist.mid" loop="infinite">

Here are the entries!

#1. A magnificent piece of Nitro-linking by EngrBohn!

#2. The fabulous and groovy ARJ-A-Go-Go!

#3. The great entry from Nathan!

#4. The Godzillian entry from JimS!

#5. The second entry from JimS!

#6. Martin's "Sound of Mus-zac" entry!

#7. JimS's third incredible entry!

#8. chromatic's perl camel cowboy entry!

#9. GreenEggs's Nitrozacian cubicle entry!

#10. ARJ's lyrical second entry!

#11. JimS's FOURTH entry... a micro-composition!

#12. A hilarious comic entry from John Debes!

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