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Six Degrees!

 I just started to read the comic recently and thought I'd give a whirl for the contest in Nitro's own medium...I have gained an enormous amount of respect for anyone who picks up the pen to do this....It's hard!
so the items:

1. Me : astro grad student->means I'm a geek -> there's the geek in AY2K, drawn by Nitrozac

2. date and time: the year 2000, the beginning year of AY2K, also the final entry date of the contest! (whooo!)

3. this is a comic: just like AY2K

4. self-references: just like Nitrozac but she does it better!

5. my girlfriend wears sexy boots: just like Nitrozac

6. my girlfriend is a total TTB: she's a hottie _and_ a biology grad student, ergo a techno talking babe with genetic powers :), just like the TTBs in AY2K

7. Photoshop: one of the many tools Nitrozac uses to publish her comic

8. Pizza and coffee: main staples of the Geek, character in AY2K

9. AIBO: robotic dog similar to the one created by the Geek.

10. a bathroom: the room Bill Gates is stuck in in AY2K

11. abacus: one way to get around the y2k bug in Ay2k--I actually knew someone who collects vacuum tubes, but that's random...

12: power outages: just like those experienced due to the y2k bug

13. D'oh: famous expression by Homer Simpson, a cartoon and comics character, just like those in AY2K.

14. My Martha Stewart curtains: I own Martha Stewart curtains. Martha is a character in AY2K.

15. tetrad analysis: a biological technique used to study yeast genes. yeast is a main component of bread doughs. bread dough is essential for pizza, which is already linked to AY2K

16. red glow in Aibo's eyes: reference to the Terminator, of which Arnold Schwarzzenager(sp?) is a star. Arnie is buff just like Linus Torvalds' shower scene in AY2K.

Here are the entries!

#1. A magnificent piece of Nitro-linking by EngrBohn!

#2. The fabulous and groovy ARJ-A-Go-Go!

#3. The great entry from Nathan!

#4. The Godzillian entry from JimS!

#5. The second entry from JimS!

#6. Martin's "Sound of Mus-zac" entry!

#7. JimS's third incredible entry!

#8. chromatic's perl camel cowboy entry!

#9. GreenEggs's Nitrozacian cubicle entry!

#10. ARJ's lyrical second entry!

#11. JimS's FOURTH entry... a micro-composition!

#12. A hilarious comic entry from John Debes!

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