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Six Degrees!

chromatic's entry!

1. I am wearing a Slashdot t-shirt.
2. It was sent to me by Robin "roblimo" Miller.
3. Roblimo knows Hemos and CowboyNeal.
4. Both Hemos and CowboyNeal appeared in an interview with the Nitrozac Boot Squad.
5. The Nitrozac Boot Squad was officially endorsed by Nitrozac last year!

1. The photo was taken in Bet Shean, Israel.
2. Mirabilis, the company which created ICQ, is also from Israel.
3. Using ICQ, I've sent many people to look at After Y2K.
4. After Y2K is a creation of Nitrozac.

1. I am wearing Doc Martens boots.
2. A similar type of boot once kicked Bill Gates in the head.
3. Bill Gates complained about this in the comic once.
4. Nitrozac luckily gained control, thanks to her quick thinking and distraction from her readers!

1. I am riding a camel. It was a life goal to write Perl while riding a camel.
2. It is also nate oostendorp's life goal.
3. nate oostendorp created Everything.
4. Nitrozac has posted to Everything, and After Y2K is about some things.
5. 'Some things' is a subset of Everything.

1. I rode right by the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Giza.
2. The Pyramids, at least, were built by aliens.
3. Mulder and Scully of the X-Files ostensibly chase the descendants of these aliens.
4. Mulder accidentally ran into the other aliens.
5. These aliens may or may not be Nitrozac's evil corporate masters.

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