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Six Degrees!

Here's Martin's (aka Swiss Mercenary) entry!

Could everything really be only six stages away from Nitrozac? Even 'The Sound of Music'? So I took one of the songs and tried to see if this was true.

Doe, a deer, a female deer.
1. A doe is an animal that lives in the forest.
2. So does a bear.
3. A stuffed bear was taken in a picture on her holiday by Nitrozac.

Ray, a drop of golden sun.
1. Ray, a beam of light which heats up the atmosphere.
2. A hot atmosphere, such as that found in the desert.
3. A desert where The Geek almost died, and under which the Prairie Dogs live.
4. Both of which are characters in After Y2K.
5. Which is the comic drawn by Nitrozac.

Me, a name I call myself.
1. Me, Martin Jennings, who worked at CERN.
2. CERN, where the World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee.
3. Tim Berners-Lee gave the best keynote speech at the Abacus World Expo.
4. Which took place in After Y2K.
5. Which is the comic drawn by Nitrozac.
(Personal note: I told Tim that I though it was a great gadget, but it would never catch on)

Far, a long, long way to run.
1. Far, a long, long way to run, such as Canada.
2. Canada the country where Nitrozac lives.
(I know, a bit far-fetched.)

Sew, a needle pulling thread.
1. Sew, you need a needle and thread.
2. Thread is also the name for a series of postings on the same subject in a discussion board.
3. A discussion board such as the one in GeekCulture set up and run by Snaggy
4. Snaggy, who works with Nitrozac

La, a note to follow sew.
1. La, is also a french word meaning there.
2. French is the other national language of Canada.
3. Canada the country where Nitrozac lives.

Tea, a drink with jam and bread.
1. Tea, starts with a sounds like the letter 'T'.
2. The letter 'T' is the first letter of 'Techno', 'Talking', 'Tube', 'Twins'
3. The same Techno-Talking, Tube Twins who are characters in After Y2K
4. Which is the comic drawn by Nitrozac

Which will bring us back to Doe, oh! oh! oh!

Which goes to show that even 'The Sound of Music' is less than six stages away from Nitrozac.

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