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The People's Choice: Which Six Degrees of Nitrozac entry do you think is the best?
Final results for 753 votes:

The magnificent piece of Nitro-linking by EngrBohn! 137 18%
The fabulous and groovy ARJ-A-Go-Go! 184 24%
The great entry from Nathan! 27 3%
The Godzillian entry from JimS! 9 1%
The second entry from JimS! 9 1%
Martin's "Sound of Mus-zac" entry! 42 5%
JimS's third incredible entry! 38 5%
chromatic's perl camel cowboy entry! 17 2%
GreenEggs's Nitrozacian cubicle entry! 15 1%
ARJ's lyrical second entry! 16 2%
JimS's FOURTH entry... a micro-composition! 175 23%
The hilarious comic entry from John Debes! 76 10%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and the incredibly hard decision of choosing just one favorite.

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